The dogs heart..

April 4, 2014

Image.. is as powerful as our heart. I love it with all the steps I can take, carry it to the vet when it snores almost to death. I remember other dogs from my travels and I now sens the love the people gave it. Their names are often around and I stop and try to remember its smell and sound, the laughter when I arrived or the coddling when I was sitting on the couch. My dog is almost the same, the same beautiful heart as the dog from yesterday. I hope the day hasn’t come for yesterdays dog, I hope it will never come, but the calculation of years of its life makes it all end soon. I hope that the people around it will be strong and remember the days behind with smile. Strange names with strange connections to me that is geographically tough to fade away but I am happy that their names are with me, in that way they live for eternity.



she still thinks of me..

February 11, 2014

she-still-thinks-of-me.. despite the years apart, because I was the pen to her paper not so long ago. The past can be said, the future can be felt but the longing can never fade away. What I hope is, that when the thinking of me comes around in their heads, they still remember my smile and laughter. My openness will always be the cure for some loneliness but will not cure all the empty space left , but I hope the little connection will help as much as possible despite the distance. I have far come in my travels and even have orchids at my window. Must be thrilled over this simple words and I hope that you will continue, it will make you grow as a person and eventually make you smile more often. Yes, I will write sooner than last time and more about recent events. But for now, lets breath the morning smell of our story of youth.


my currency is..

June 28, 2013

my currency is.. in  the way I understand you. You might not understand me the way I want to be understood but yet, I do understand you. You can be my new dog, my new friend, my new lover or even my new lost family member, you can behave selfish, guilty, strangely, goofy, spooky or angry, I will yet behave as I understand you. But do you understand my actions? Spinning the table around and looking at the behavior of yourself and the pithiness that you endure, makes my stomach ache from the top to the bottom. I feel like even if Im on top of the highest spot of the world screaming it wouldn’t matter. Your thoughts and actions will not change regardless, Im just glad that I know it but sad that you don’t realize it. Zurrenzy zlifezclasszmad

Im taking the next exit..

June 18, 2013

the-future.. that’s taking me into the future. Driving through no-man’s land, waiting for the perfect exit to a place that I can stop driving. Finally, in the moment where I had stopped thinking about finding the exit a sign came up and it spelled that my future is on the next exit. A stretch wouldn’t be bad was my first thought but when I got there I just knew that this is it. The next exit is my future, regardless what. I hope you’ll find your exit aswell, life should be spent daily so that life itself flourish. Until next time, take care


a life is like a song..

May 14, 2013

a life is like a song.. it grows from a couple of words to a sentence, to form a meaning and make history. The demons of people tend to have a big impact in their way of life and they aim to release their problems with telling about their demons. I am not the person who has the patience to listen to the worries and problems of the regular person anymore. I have my own ideas to listen to and to solve, its enough with my sudoku. Go and sing you song in front of a mirror and listen to what you hear, you like it? That’s what I thought, now I go on with my life and leave you with your demons behind me.


It was the love of my life..

March 8, 2013

It was the love of my life.. but we split apart a long time ago. My feelings have been numb for a long time but they have grown the past couple of days into a tornado that will not stop and brings up the past like a storm chatters the present . Its like time has stood still and I’m back four years into the time when we where going from a horrible fall and winter to take a flight across the continent during mid spring. I cant say that my feelings has fallen apart since those days but I have grown stronger in my own human nature. My relapse made me use all of my knowledge and wisdom to cure the problem for the moment. I took on my jogging-shoes and started running until I couldn’t no more, I started working until I fell asleep at the office, I hung with my family until I fell asleep, I was among friends until they couldn’t cope with me anylonger and I called up everyone on my phonelist from A-Z. The tricks up my sleeve was of no good, when I have a bad feeling the feeling sticks until proven otherwise. The problems of today are more problematic than they should be, its probably because the world gets smaller with time and time goes quicker away with knowledge. I still got faith in us all and I know that the future will unlock the untold from today. Today’s commence  brought me out of the sorrow-ship of the past and into the future with a glance. I can still miss the past but I’m trying to look at what the future has hidden for me, for now kisses.


the sun is always shining..

July 20, 2012

.. where ever I am. The positive energy that I have been trying to spread around have come to use and might the gods love me for doing so because the sun is always shining where ever I am. Its several hundred miles of traveling but yet the sun comes where I am and leaves the place I left. The days I plan to be indoors, the weather gods are still with me and let nature get the weather it desires. I sleep good, I eat good, I train good, not too much and not too little, just enough to make my head clear and positive.


can I play the role..

July 15, 2012

.. of Dr. Phil? I have been the couple counselor for a week and now when the champagne and the strawberries have been in action, I can gladly feel like the doctor on TV. I have heard all the people of my surroundings talking about how Im the best partner alive but yet I cant find the second best partner around. The couple I helped didnt actually need my help, they already knew what had to be done, I just stated the correct questions to them and fronted how the bond between two people should be and how it shouldnt be. There was only one way to play it out and they choose it wisely.


the moment of truth..

July 10, 2012

.. is here for you to look back and examine how the past month has been. Have you been free to do what you wanted to do? There are not many months during the holidays and yet there are many that have another desire before the holidays but yet when the first day come they do not carry out their wishes. I believe, I have carried out my wishes and more than so. I have been on a long journey looking for oddness and found it, always close to a harbor. In particular one person that has the lifetime inc all over himself, and his lifeplan is to spread joy around other people and so he has done with me. I didnt think it would be possible for a person to spread more joy than me, but I might have found that person. Other than that, I have become his mentor and a good friend, with the image that he contains, I will try to find a future for him since the lifetime inc and his way of life isnt ideal in this world.


eyes of the fellow..

May 15, 2012

.. beside you, that will go deep in their souls to help you in the darkest hours will be the ones that will have my blessings when Im on top of the world. The soulless evils around will never even be able to touch a grass on my land when everything is set and going for me. I have learned to tough way but with love in my smile, never with preconceptions, just with the way I have always been. When I look right or left, I just see those who I want around me, not those who shouldnt be there.. look around yourself and try to observe your own ideals with the current ideals of your surrounding.


my entire soul..

May 10, 2012

.. is in a breeze. I have probably had the best time of my life the past week, the people around devote their life by giving out happiness and love, but how can a story be said afterwards? An embarrassing story can be told several times and it gets funnier and funnier by time but a story of happiness doesn’t always get better with time, its at the time of happening that it peaks. Something embarrassing has occurred but how do I challenge it? Do I upfront it directly or do I just swing around it? My heart told me to just go and get infront of it and face it and then get passed it and that was what I did and it got funnier with time and all I can do now is to just laugh at it and enjoy my wonderful personality. I love me, I love you all, life should be open and honest from the first hour to the last.


the end of war..

May 8, 2012

.. is a fantastic book by one of the worlds greatest minds of all time. Now lets change the name of the book a little, “the end of poop”, makes the book even more interesting than before. The little changes make the difference altogether instead of the big differences. I have a list of things I want to change, not big things but small things that would make my life improved. Will be fun to watch how these small changes reflect on the people surrounding me, better or worse? I hope the first, the latter will just reveal something dark and nasty.


the pursuit of money..

May 5, 2012

.. is nothing I no longer need. I found a gold stash in the world of entrepreneur and can in the future just try to figure out the way of life instead of the constant waste of chasing a career. My life has not always been perfect but the bricks have always fallen into place regardless of my effort. Now that the big piece has fallen, I can start thinking of what really matters in life, friends and family. Think of this scenario for yourself, what would you have done if you where in my shoes? I dont have a desire of material things, I will travel a lot to places where the sun is always warmer than in my hometown but yet, whats more important in life?


Im not a turtle..

April 27, 2012

.. nor a rabbit, but yet I dont walk as fast as the rabbit nor as slow as the turtle but yet I always come late or to fast to a meeting. Is the time running out on me or am I running out of time? To be running or walking to a spot has never been the case for me, to get from spot A to B is my philosophy. How should I get the turtle and rabbit out of me then? Why should I get them both out when I dont have them at all?! Im now in the mildest shower of rain, I will take my time and consume the way of commute in my own way.


morning havens..

April 19, 2012

.. always love me. From the end to the top of my bed I can feel the sun laying its fingers on me and I ambit it to its last drop. Does the sun love me as much as I love the sun? What kind of relationship do I have with the sun? I know that I dont give everything I have always but most of the days when I wake up I try to commit to us and eat my breakfast with it. Sometimes when I have been driving for several hours I feel a kind of jealousness from the sun, it hates my car.


new way of living..

April 14, 2012

.. with new age of enunciation. The female tool of our present is in our hands to devour in the way we want. I have fallen into the steps of the new age with the new tool that I narrate as the female tool. It can be both to much and not fulfilling but in some way it can shamble a light in the present. If I take a look at my old tool I feel very old and dry, the extra ordinary way of humans is that we utilize and get used to what we have despite ages within the old ways. My female tool is nothing extra, its just an updated phone that I center the world around. My text makes me laugh, I dont know why but it just makes me realize that Im not as hightech as I should be, but I love my female tool despite the reference of a gender.


the road ahead..

April 12, 2012

.. looks bright and polished.  The past month has been exciting, I have not been needed to look for smiles on peoples face, they have showed up on early mornings and late nights. Patch me and Ill patch you has been in my subconscious and I have had the same response back. Of going from one city to the next can feel kind of rootless or searching for something that is needed or missed, I have not figured that one out yet, but now I just sit back and enjoy the morning sun.


two years and a far way..

February 24, 2012

.. into life. Sometimes its good to talk about the past and sometimes its just good to focus on the days ahead. Since the very first day of this internet notebook, I have been very clear of the purpose of it, to find new chapters about the human behavior. First off, my own discoveries about how the inhabitants of this little place we call earth should behave to make it a better place and secondly how I reverberate my own actions as a goodwill for the people surrounding me. I hope that the battle between my goodwill and the strong forces of the opposite, is described and how we as humans should deal with. As one, united, force we would all be in a great state of mind and the future could be better than I could put it into words. Today I will go through my letters in this notebook and see how I can express myself better for our time ahead in life.

I miss her..

February 22, 2012

.. when she talks to me with a goodiest horrible morning breath. When she snores while I try to sleep. When she tickles me. When she is trying her best not to be goofy but the disaster reveals her. When she is upset and angry. When she tries new clothes. When she is into her life. When she sits in the bathroom and I look down on her toes. When I sneak up to her in the bathroom and she gives me the red face smile. When I get her a glass of water in the middle of the night. When she hides under the blanket because she knows she has done something wrong. When I knock on the door and she looks out through the window as the 6 year old she is. When she tries to show me her new dance steps. When she tries to watch a movie and falls asleep. When she wants to talk to me in the talking-spot. When she is fascinated about who discovered stairs or kisses. When she shows love to animals. When she tries to talk with braces. When she opens those big eyes and smiles the biggest smile. When she..


getting out of town..

February 17, 2012

.. to visit the city that is Queen of the lake. I will walk the town upside down, as I always do during my weekend-days outside of my own metropolis. The new ones and the old ones are there and I will see them all. My feelings are never at the correct spot when I’m visiting this beautiful city, I’m happily in-loved or heartbroken out of love. I’m someplace in between at this time of my life, but I’m searching for something and it feels that it should happened any given minute now. I can feel it coming, when my life is about to change, it feels as the wind before the storm and yes I can feel it coming closer. Something amorous is closing in, lets open the door and see..