I can sense their thoughts

….. its like a wolf, smelling the fear from the environment. I can in that retroperspective sense peoples thoughts, what they think and how they do judge.

What my question is; how can you be judging other people? Can I just go to the city major and ask to become one of those judges that can judge people???

Im sick and tired of always performing my best because of people judging me. Kind of sickens me to my stomach!

I can be a fucking retarded bastard and shit on their faces with my words, and oh god, dont in one second believe that Im not doing it because I dont have the balls for it. Its just so damn waste of energy, the importance from my point of view is that I understand the situation and that I understand it is the most important in this sequence.

Head high and laugh at this nonsense, how can they judge when its not justified?

Zoomii Zooooooooom zom


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