food from outer space..

.. isnt always on the menu but today I got to taste it and god it was wonderful. Pulled me out of the chair and into the sofa to enjoy a nice cup of conversation.

I met a girl today with rheumatism and a guy that is studying mosaic. They are a couple and what an odd couple! Im not judging in saying they are wired and should never have a partner, NO! My thoughts where what a nice odd kind of people and with my next “verdict”: TOGETHER?

Conversation between me and them were a bit stiff from the start but kicked off in a nice tend of tone after a while, the discovery that on the outside we all look and smell alike but in the inside we are so damn different, some are like the flowers in the sun and some like food from outer space!

Big thanks to my friend that made that delicious dinner from nowhere and spiced up my usually doll Saturday night!



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