destruction of abnormalities..

.. will result in a chaos of significant proportions. The daily light of this human race is that we all contain abnormalities and that is the essence of the beautiful measures that we can take and have taken. Destruction of our civilization will become a reality if we begin to look and act the same.

I took a big look of todays people that I met and saw a huge variety of abnormalities and it made me , after a while, happy. I was furious that some of them reacted in a way that I felt astonishing but with time it brought me to a sense that “Wow, these people are so much different from me and Im learning more and more”. That really took me of the chair, since my first impression was that this bunch of people are a gang that I will never met again and dont want to be a part of but with time I saw the abnormalities and made my point of view wider.



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