the goodness of the human heart..

.. got to me yesterday night when I got a phone call about an event I could never imagine going to and my dear friend told me that he has two tickets and Im the one he wants with him. How can I ever repay him, I told him. His answer was simply the best answer ever (I couldnt even imagine that he would say this) “You dont understand me, the pleasure is all mine of having you with me

I have been, from what I think, a heart giving soul in the communities where I have been a resident and from what my mother and father told me from the news I told them was “If your a front figure of kindness and dont search a reply, you will eventually get happiness back, one way or the other” and did I get it back? damn right I did.

The night of the event will truly be a majestic night that I wont forget until the day my soul goes to heaven, thank you my dear friend and thank you my love for the understanding of the sudden schedule change that you obt to understand. I love you for your understanding of my happiness, this golden day is one to remember.



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