jumping in the air..

..and never landing. The steps forward can be steep but when will I land? The unmarked notes of a line can be put outside the line that will make the line curve into a new path of your life. Sometimes you cant just walk, jog or run, you need to just jump and jump the heck out of the straight line you have created and make it a curve, a curve into something else that you hadn’t thought and didn’t want but you will need it eventually. I have long sentences but they are needed sometimes and today might be that day? That can be my jump for today and Ill make another jump when it comes to me but I wont force it, Ill let it come naturally.

zomp zamp


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4 Responses to “jumping in the air..”

  1. Time to Jump in! | Brooke Foederer's Blog Says:

    […] photo from: https://memyselfandthem.com/2010/06/17/jumping-in-the-air/ […]

    • Ren Says:

      En fin video, men det ser mer skre4mmande ut e4n jag te4nkte Fe5r mig att te4nka att den de4r tjejen som jag ne4mnde tgriiade me5ste ha varit ve4ldigt modig. Jag sa ju att hon var bara 19 och ade redan hoppat ne5gra fallske4rmshopp.Hoppas att ni har be4ttre ve4der i Polen e4n vi he4r i Finland: 2 utav 3 festivaler jag varit pe5 har ge5tt i regn och kyla och pe5 torsdag kve4ll var giget slut precis ff6re regnet. Sommarve4dret, tja (P.S. Videon funkar ok med min telefon, skulle ge5 pe5 nerverna med min laptop. Ne4sta vecka ska jag kf6pa en ny de5 )

    • free life insurance quotes Says:

      And yes, for all the haters who�ll say I�m a PETA, animal loving, human being hating liberal – they are right – I have great distaste for most people (and it is content like this that fuels it) and find most animals conduct themselves with great dignity.i’m not going to lie. as soon as i read this i thought of my dog licking his junk and the dignity he showed in the process. i have TONS of pets…that i LOVE. and i hate seeing pets abused, this wasn’t abuse this was…”very” misguided affection. he wasn’t trying to hurt the cat he was trying to have fun with the cat. did he pick the best “human/cat” hobby…probably not, but it wasn’t out of spite.and i have to say i love the irony in your post here, comic gold.Seriously what ever happened to the idea that human beings could be compassionate to others?I have great distaste for most people The human race is beyond redemption.so you decided to give up on the ol, compassion thing as well huh?Love it. Have a good day.

    • Salman Says:

      – Hey Sara, I just read your interview on Scott Bourne’s weistbe. It was great so thanks for sharing all that info! I followed the link to your blog. I’m sure you don’t need one more person telling you how talented your are, but I will say it anyway you’re extremely talented!!! Thanks for sharing your work with us. I’m not a pro (just an aspiring one, maybe one day). Right now, I’m just trying to learn all I can, and my subjects are my two kids. Hey, at least they’re free models (except that I have to feed them and clothe them; so I guess they’re not free LOL). Thanks again, Sara!!!

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