put yourself in someone..

..else’s shoes. I did that yesterday and it almost blackened out my heart. A sad story of fear and all the obligations the western universe put on the people for carrier up buildings and what not. I could see how my life could be in his place but as well as I saw that I saw how I transformed somewhere in my life history from the path he had taken into the one Im in right now and how that contribution changed the thinking of me just as a butterfly effect. I could have been broken, devastated and on the lowest point of a self-confidence just like my friend was yesterday but I wasent, I tried to explain all the different things I put my energy on so I dont become like him and he just couldnt agree more. One of the points I took up to change the swing of bad energy was the one that he got most amused over, the fact that I just read the headline of a bad news article, both in the papers and on the internet. I try to disembark the way of getting information and choose the information myself instead. The notice on his face got me thinking and from the start I didnt know if I should write about this but it really shook my world. Me Myself and then we have Them. Good luck them!



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