The dogs heart..

Image.. is as powerful as our heart. I love it with all the steps I can take, carry it to the vet when it snores almost to death. I remember other dogs from my travels and I now sens the love the people gave it. Their names are often around and I stop and try to remember its smell and sound, the laughter when I arrived or the coddling when I was sitting on the couch. My dog is almost the same, the same beautiful heart as the dog from yesterday. I hope the day hasn’t come for yesterdays dog, I hope it will never come, but the calculation of years of its lifeĀ makes it all end soon. I hope that the people around it will be strong and remember the days behind with smile. Strange names with strange connections to me that is geographically tough to fade away but I am happy that their names are with me, in that way they live for eternity.



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