coming in touch with the past..

February 16, 2012

.. with friends from before. Feelings of the next year that is here, has come. I feel comfortable with the success of my life in the past months. I can listen to the songs and look forward to what shall come but still I have a discomfort of releasing the old. I should observe the waves of life of how it goes up and down and gets bigger and bigger the more it approaches the shore. But I might not be in an ocean but in a lake. Who knows, just I do and this will be a tour for what lays ahead for the future me. Another ending will take place in a couple of days, I will be apart from a good friend of mine after intensive months splurge. Eras come and end, but with each ending a new one starts.



life is just..

January 29, 2012

.. like the palm of a hand. We are all the same until discomfort displays the roads of life. Just as the palm of the hand it doesn’t stop but it bifurcates into fingers that can distinguish one from the other. You have to know that there are roads and how they look like before you choose your way in life. I know that my road is not the easiest one but Im on the road I want to be on with the clear blue sky always following me to remind me of the path I could have taken. Today’s prosperity could be tomorrows misfortune.


finally Im here..

January 26, 2012

.. from the past year to the present time. Looking forward to the new year with the silence of a heavy breath, with the meaning that I could manage what I thought would be a disaster. I realized at the New Years eve table, that past year was in some sense a down fall. But then again I look up above the edge of the table and repeated the question to myself; Whats the top three things of 2011. I found myself waking up, like how you can wake up from an important phone call, looking towards all the people around the oblong table and happy thoughts started to span. The uncomfortable situation of the past year, brought me new insights of what friendship can be. Im not talking about the friendship that I induced, instead the friendship I showed towards others despite my than that of situation in life. I guess that a persons identity exposes when life is at the ledge than when its on top of the world. I could clearly see myself, as of how the younger myself wanted to be identified by, at this age of life and thats my 2011 blessing. How to sum it up would be a very difficult task to do but the experience could surly fall into a book shelf near you.


pleasure someone with..

December 18, 2011

.. todays words of kindness. Fight of the horrors of the persons path and swap the  road ahead of them so they can tremble in the light, where they should be. I look in the persons eye and I saw fear of the modern day, the combustion of its heart. It didnt look healthy nor manageable, I opened my heart and took my wisdom and soul and showed the person how it could be and changed a soul for a better tomorrow. Open up your soul and be a brave one for the community and the community with help your soul aswell.




is this a reflection on the wall..

December 16, 2011

.. or is this the person that is standing towards the reflection? Dont ever forget that its your life, it never ends. Even if your caught in the crowd it will still be your life. Clear the obligations of others because its your life. Dont be afraid to loose, its in the trying you will succeed and in the effort of believing in yourself, where you shall start living your life. I start the day with the reflection of myself. To look myself in the eyes and say, this is me and I love  myself and that I got the courage of controlling my life. Despite when I get caught in the crowd I still get back to who I am.



locked the door and heard my fingertips..

December 15, 2011

.. on the keyboard, solving the riddle of this sentence. I should now continue in the mystique of the words from the first row of this post but yet I tremble of the underlying work that I should struggle to continue. The focus of my brain is on the work infront of me but the my heart want to focus on something else. Should I follow my brain or my heart is a riddle that has been heard through the ages, from Moses to the Ramones. I will call Joan Osborne and ask her if god was one of us, would he eat pringles?



when I look far away..

December 14, 2011

.. between the trees I find a window with shining lights and on the same second that I write this and look towards the window, yet another window shows its light to me. Its a signal of faith, that December is here, show her the grace that she deserves. I love you December for the story unsaid and the light that I can now see.  The trip I will take on Saturday will shine my light up a bit more than usual, the capital of the western states will comfort me with special guests. December, December, I still love you despite the weather I get.




the darkness is just a phase..

August 24, 2011

.. until the sun breaks through the hills at east. I dont understand the self-absorbed people walking around on Tellus with the same flesh and blood as myself. The idea that life is not good to them or their self-pitiness makes me want to change planet. Its not the matter of how you are right now but how you can change your position in life. Life is equal to us all with the same flesh and blood in all of Tellus inhabitants. In order of making progress and giving life a chance you need to stop acting like a fool and start making effort of solving the problem. There is a key for every problem, sometimes there are several keys. The finding of the key is not hard but using it is. Show me some spirit!


Zun oh the Zun

cant find the words..

August 21, 2011

.. for it but Im so damn happy with the smile I just got. I have, during the past year, said it on this piece of internet paper but haven’t been able to describe it as perfect as I wanted. Its not quite easy to describe a smile that you cant find words for. Its a balance of how it looks, how it makes you feel and how it changes your life. Words can have that meaning but not in the same way of a quite smile that changes your perspective. Okey, my last try of describing it, it was a kodac-moment 🙂

Zambino my bambino

the day ahead of me..

August 18, 2011

.. is what is in my mind. I cant think of Yesterday nor two days from now, only on today and tomorrow. Some days I think of the past and the future but I just cant find a place to store and progress it. I bring forward the vacuum cleaner and flush it away just before it comes back again. Its like a mosquito, always wanting my blood regardless of how much I swing it away. If I let it stay to long, it will attach to me and take my blood. I have therefore brought forward the ways of my smile, I shall smile now! So long there and after because; Hi-ho Silver, the lone ranger is back with his smile.



8 months ago..

August 2, 2011

… and life was so perfect, the air filled my lungs with the beauty of the forthcoming. The perfectness of yesterday is the idea of now and the idea of now is the wanting of tomorrow. For how long will I believe the cup is half full rather than half empty? Does the joys of life have an expiration day or is it only the milk in my fridge? I want to find the song with the perfect words but not even my prowess will give me a hand. Should this be the end of the chapter or the end of the book? Just find me John Denver with the song that I heard so long time ago…



is there a question of me..

December 30, 2010

.. fading away from me? I seem to have lost my pen in this unhuman sanctuary. Im getting along with the lifestyle but not with life. It feels like it should be more to it but im getting into a darker wibe; that this is it. No matter how much I search I feel myself getting crushed by my strong qualities. My lifestyle has to change to obtain “the smile”, of which I search for. I need that smile, I want that smile and Im going to bring it back.


my heritage is changing..

November 4, 2010 a very different one that I cant describe, for better or worse. Expectations of life can be very cruel when you aim to high and hit very little. The vision of the correct color is just a conceptualisation of your imagination, therefor you can change the view to your likening and the same thing with life and expectations. I have no doubt that today will be a great day despite its downs.


sons become fathers..

October 22, 2010

..and fathers become sons, the natural way of life. Life with all its wonders can be unexpected and beautiful if you look at the beauty. Memories are beautiful to me, remembering the time of that breakfast or when the laughter blew me away. I miss the smell of the pillow and taste of the uncooked. Take me home, country road to the place I seem to belong.



lights go out..

October 21, 2010

..and the night takes over with its darkness of light. I can see the light in the end of the tunnel but where do I stand? Thinking that my standing is form but not understanding the shape of it makes me worried of how in reality it looks like. Im not a shape for someone to form, therefor I will never care of others anticipation for me. Im getting there, closer to the light now and with gods will I will be there shortly.



disgraceful look from the left..

October 20, 2010

. .as I see this empty spot of light. The hours grew and then came the days, I couldnt stand thinking about the empty shell I left.  I looked upon the transition of the past, due to the shame of the emptiness I took up the majestic fingers, and started to brew new sorrow lines of misunderstood. To recall and behold what I have not shared will not pronounce itself in its rightfulness way, therefor I will start a new chapter this day that I shall never leave the shell empty again.

ziggedimyself andzoogedithem

the delicious taste..

July 28, 2010

..of newly baked bread melts in my mouth  after a perfect dinner. The smell of butter melting on a hot afternoon bread with jam ontop of it makes me hungry. Daily activity includes the daily needs of Maslow and I thought I could fool maslow but I cant. Some years ago I thought that food was just a big waste of time and tried to understand it without the knowledge of this age. Its not that easy that the time consumption is a negative aspect, the positive aspect is the flavor of the food with its taste. Im starting to understanding the positive aspect of food now and with that my heart just gets more intact by day.


a little joke..

July 27, 2010

..for sake of Tuesday cheers me up. Todays threshold can swing the day in either direction and even if you have planned a fantastic day with great entertainment, it can still collapse due to a bad start. Each days star can be found if you’r searching for it, the star that can bring you from sadness and depression to happiness and a huge smile on your face. During my younger years I remember working a rubbish seven to five and loving the daily stars of my day and actually searching for it. When Im strolling around in the city, I notice the nine-to-fiver people and trying to be their star for today. If we all try to be the star then we would be all stars.

zaggetzoogetzugget 🙂

the meeting is the start..

July 26, 2010

..of a relationship that will last long. The long arms have been holding the person strong and safe but its time to let go and let new arms take that place. I came and met the person and got the first of many phases. The bond between them is very strong and I could see it with their humor and the way of laughing. Always the same inside jokes that none would recognize or think of, the list goes on. The meeting was a first test that I passed but there will be many until those big arms get off and let other arms take their place.



ziggezoggezagge mcvacke

the year of the old scotch..

July 22, 2010

..when its time to bottle up. Why leave it shiny and tasty like that dusting away with the years getting older and older. Some say it will taste better with the years passing by but what if its already in top notch right now? Living on top of a manhattan building with a beautiful garden and opening the ol scotch you have been saving up for the perfect time can be a bliss. On the other hand, sitting on a couch outside with only the wind and smell of the country side strolling your surrounding and opening the ol scotch isnt bad either. How ever you feel like doing is the right feeling, just open it up.