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It was the love of my life..

March 8, 2013

It was the love of my life.. but we split apart a long time ago. My feelings have been numb for a long time but they have grown the past couple of days into a tornado that will not stop and brings up the past like a storm chatters the present . Its like time has stood still and I’m back four years into the time when we where going from a horrible fall and winter to take a flight across the continent during mid spring. I cant say that my feelings has fallen apart since those days but I have grown stronger in my own human nature. My relapse made me use all of my knowledge and wisdom to cure the problem for the moment. I took on my jogging-shoes and started running until I couldn’t no more, I started working until I fell asleep at the office, I hung with my family until I fell asleep, I was among friends until they couldn’t cope with me anylonger and I called up everyone on my phonelist from A-Z. The tricks up my sleeve was of no good, when I have a bad feeling the feeling sticks until proven otherwise. The problems of today are more problematic than they should be, its probably because the world gets smaller with time and time goes quicker away with knowledge. I still got faith in us all and I know that the future will unlock the untold from today. Today’s commence  brought me out of the sorrow-ship of the past and into the future with a glance. I can still miss the past but I’m trying to look at what the future has hidden for me, for now kisses.