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my currency is..

June 28, 2013

my currency is.. in  the way I understand you. You might not understand me the way I want to be understood but yet, I do understand you. You can be my new dog, my new friend, my new lover or even my new lost family member, you can behave selfish, guilty, strangely, goofy, spooky or angry, I will yet behave as I understand you. But do you understand my actions? Spinning the table around and looking at the behavior of yourself and the pithiness that you endure, makes my stomach ache from the top to the bottom. I feel like even if Im on top of the highest spot of the world screaming it wouldn’t matter. Your thoughts and actions will not change regardless, Im just glad that I know it but sad that you don’t realize it. Zurrenzy zlifezclasszmad