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the end of war..

May 8, 2012

.. is a fantastic book by one of the worlds greatest minds of all time. Now lets change the name of the book a little, “the end of poop”, makes the book even more interesting than before. The little changes make the difference altogether instead of the big differences. I have a list of things I want to change, not big things but small things that would make my life improved. Will be fun to watch how these small changes reflect on the people surrounding me, better or worse? I hope the first, the latter will just reveal something dark and nasty.



finally Im here..

January 26, 2012

.. from the past year to the present time. Looking forward to the new year with the silence of a heavy breath, with the meaning that I could manage what I thought would be a disaster. I realized at the New Years eve table, that past year was in some sense a down fall. But then again I look up above the edge of the table and repeated the question to myself; Whats the top three things of 2011. I found myself waking up, like how you can wake up from an important phone call, looking towards all the people around the oblong table and happy thoughts started to span. The uncomfortable situation of the past year, brought me new insights of what friendship can be. Im not talking about the friendship that I induced, instead the friendship I showed towards others despite my than that of situation in life. I guess that a persons identity exposes when life is at the ledge than when its on top of the world. I could clearly see myself, as of how the younger myself wanted to be identified by, at this age of life and thats my 2011 blessing. How to sum it up would be a very difficult task to do but the experience could surly fall into a book shelf near you.