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the moment of truth..

July 10, 2012

.. is here for you to look back and examine how the past month has been. Have you been free to do what you wanted to do? There are not many months during the holidays and yet there are many that have another desire before the holidays but yet when the first day come they do not carry out their wishes. I believe, I have carried out my wishes and more than so. I have been on a long journey looking for oddness and found it, always close to a harbor. In particular one person that has the lifetime inc all over himself, and his lifeplan is to spread joy around other people and so he has done with me. I didnt think it would be possible for a person to spread more joy than me, but I might have found that person. Other than that, I have become his mentor and a good friend, with the image that he contains, I will try to find a future for him since the lifetime inc and his way of life isnt ideal in this world.