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the pursuit of money..

May 5, 2012

.. is nothing I no longer need. I found a gold stash in the world of entrepreneur and can in the future just try to figure out the way of life instead of the constant waste of chasing a career. My life has not always been perfect but the bricks have always fallen into place regardless of my effort. Now that the big piece has fallen, I can start thinking of what really matters in life, friends and family. Think of this scenario for yourself, what would you have done if you where in my shoes? I dont have a desire of material things, I will travel a lot to places where the sun is always warmer than in my hometown but yet, whats more important in life?



coming in touch with the past..

February 16, 2012

.. with friends from before. Feelings of the next year that is here, has come. I feel comfortable with the success of my life in the past months. I can listen to the songs and look forward to what shall come but still I have a discomfort of releasing the old. I should observe the waves of life of how it goes up and down and gets bigger and bigger the more it approaches the shore. But I might not be in an ocean but in a lake. Who knows, just I do and this will be a tour for what lays ahead for the future me. Another ending will take place in a couple of days, I will be apart from a good friend of mine after intensive months splurge. Eras come and end, but with each ending a new one starts.