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I miss her..

February 22, 2012

.. when she talks to me with a goodiest horrible morning breath. When she snores while I try to sleep. When she tickles me. When she is trying her best not to be goofy but the disaster reveals her. When she is upset and angry. When she tries new clothes. When she is into her life. When she sits in the bathroom and I look down on her toes. When I sneak up to her in the bathroom and she gives me the red face smile. When I get her a glass of water in the middle of the night. When she hides under the blanket because she knows she has done something wrong. When I knock on the door and she looks out through the window as the 6 year old she is. When she tries to show me her new dance steps. When she tries to watch a movie and falls asleep. When she wants to talk to me in the talking-spot. When she is fascinated about who discovered stairs or kisses. When she shows love to animals. When she tries to talk with braces. When she opens those big eyes and smiles the biggest smile. When she..