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the pursuit of money..

May 5, 2012

.. is nothing I no longer need. I found a gold stash in the world of entrepreneur and can in the future just try to figure out the way of life instead of the constant waste of chasing a career. My life has not always been perfect but the bricks have always fallen into place regardless of my effort. Now that the big piece has fallen, I can start thinking of what really matters in life, friends and family. Think of this scenario for yourself, what would you have done if you where in my shoes? I dont have a desire of material things, I will travel a lot to places where the sun is always warmer than in my hometown but yet, whats more important in life?



remembering the past..

June 18, 2010

..of me sitting on my fathers lap and looking around. Without no obligations in life, listening to his sound about life. Expectations of what our family shall accomplish and our background. This is our background he told me looking at me and giving me a smile. The cup of milk with a donut was always our thing with the crazy taxi trips across the city just for me, so I wouldnt forget where we come from. This is your hometown he told me, dont forget where you are from. The years went by and once again I sat on his lap and he told me, this is your hometown now but the history of us should never be forgotten. I sat there looking at his big nose and told him that I know, I remember and still today I remember.