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getting out of town..

February 17, 2012

.. to visit the city that is Queen of the lake. I will walk the town upside down, as I always do during my weekend-days outside of my own metropolis. The new ones and the old ones are there and I will see them all. My feelings are never at the correct spot when I’m visiting this beautiful city, I’m happily in-loved or heartbroken out of love. I’m someplace in between at this time of my life, but I’m searching for something and it feels that it should happened any given minute now. I can feel it coming, when my life is about to change, it feels as the wind before the storm and yes I can feel it coming closer. Something amorous is closing in, lets open the door and see..



coming in touch with the past..

February 16, 2012

.. with friends from before. Feelings of the next year that is here, has come. I feel comfortable with the success of my life in the past months. I can listen to the songs and look forward to what shall come but still I have a discomfort of releasing the old. I should observe the waves of life of how it goes up and down and gets bigger and bigger the more it approaches the shore. But I might not be in an ocean but in a lake. Who knows, just I do and this will be a tour for what lays ahead for the future me. Another ending will take place in a couple of days, I will be apart from a good friend of mine after intensive months splurge. Eras come and end, but with each ending a new one starts.


the darkness is just a phase..

August 24, 2011

.. until the sun breaks through the hills at east. I dont understand the self-absorbed people walking around on Tellus with the same flesh and blood as myself. The idea that life is not good to them or their self-pitiness makes me want to change planet. Its not the matter of how you are right now but how you can change your position in life. Life is equal to us all with the same flesh and blood in all of Tellus inhabitants. In order of making progress and giving life a chance you need to stop acting like a fool and start making effort of solving the problem. There is a key for every problem, sometimes there are several keys. The finding of the key is not hard but using it is. Show me some spirit!


Zun oh the Zun

8 months ago..

August 2, 2011

… and life was so perfect, the air filled my lungs with the beauty of the forthcoming. The perfectness of yesterday is the idea of now and the idea of now is the wanting of tomorrow. For how long will I believe the cup is half full rather than half empty? Does the joys of life have an expiration day or is it only the milk in my fridge? I want to find the song with the perfect words but not even my prowess will give me a hand. Should this be the end of the chapter or the end of the book? Just find me John Denver with the song that I heard so long time ago…



is there a question of me..

December 30, 2010

.. fading away from me? I seem to have lost my pen in this unhuman sanctuary. Im getting along with the lifestyle but not with life. It feels like it should be more to it but im getting into a darker wibe; that this is it. No matter how much I search I feel myself getting crushed by my strong qualities. My lifestyle has to change to obtain “the smile”, of which I search for. I need that smile, I want that smile and Im going to bring it back.


my heritage is changing..

November 4, 2010 a very different one that I cant describe, for better or worse. Expectations of life can be very cruel when you aim to high and hit very little. The vision of the correct color is just a conceptualisation of your imagination, therefor you can change the view to your likening and the same thing with life and expectations. I have no doubt that today will be a great day despite its downs.


consumption of to much..

May 4, 2010 not good for you. Get a mixer and blend a variety of everything with equal gauge of lifes flavour. This dont withhold for just the matter of consumption but for everything that goes in the wave of life. The oddness widget can make the usual life sparkling. Songs in your record shelf should also have this combined flavour and so should your friends be. Live life as it should be lived and not by societies ways and norms.


language of the world..

March 19, 2010

.. is the rhythm within ourself. The pace, beating of the anguish soul that we possess turn us from our simple being and turns us into a  starting hunger for more. The physical activity that combines the 2/3 of our daily activities is the key of beating that starting hunger and solve the issues within the soul.

My two daily activities are work/school-life and social-life. My physical activity is the essence of keeping me going and put focus on keeping my soul intact, I would have been lost without the rhythm within myself , and now I possess the language of the world, Love.


wave of life..

March 16, 2010

.. can take you where ever the wind blows but you always have the opportunity in choosing the direction. I have done two major things today and will do a third tomorrow.

I will explain the three directions in my life that with the combination of them describes me:

  • exam exaM exAM eXAM EXAM! I study and want to learn
  • Taking trips in a split second that changes your daily perspective
  • Finally meeting my loved one

My suggestion to you is to try to do (In extreme) three things during this week that you think describes your personality! (or what you want your personality to be described as)

zom zom zom

additional people..

March 9, 2010

.. brings a new view to life, something that you haven’t known before. Not the usual kind of life that goes from A->B, B->A or A->Z but a new kind of life like F->Q. Enjoyment that feels when you met someone like that is huge and brings new perspective that I thought, with the years of tellus, already have met.

The world brings us further when we think the picture is already drawn, Im thinking forward now with hundred of new things to discover with the human personality that I thought I had already figured out.. today I became my own darwin.

ziigy zoom zagg

I can sense their thoughts

March 8, 2010

….. its like a wolf, smelling the fear from the environment. I can in that retroperspective sense peoples thoughts, what they think and how they do judge.

What my question is; how can you be judging other people? Can I just go to the city major and ask to become one of those judges that can judge people???

Im sick and tired of always performing my best because of people judging me. Kind of sickens me to my stomach!

I can be a fucking retarded bastard and shit on their faces with my words, and oh god, dont in one second believe that Im not doing it because I dont have the balls for it. Its just so damn waste of energy, the importance from my point of view is that I understand the situation and that I understand it is the most important in this sequence.

Head high and laugh at this nonsense, how can they judge when its not justified?

Zoomii Zooooooooom zom

reading learning understanding

March 4, 2010

Am I the only one hating reading sad news?
(when I read that sentence I get scared of myself abit so lets cut sad in two directions)

1. Sadness in the heart

I hate reading news that gives me sadness in my heart, that I can somehow imagine without reading the whole context of an article, this is sadness!
Lets talk about the Chile disaster. I can imagine all the disaster it has created and all the sadness it has brought to the people living over there, I dont want to read about it daily, will just make me sad in my pants and not be positive in any sort of way. I just hate articles that are written to make your heart feel bad and sad!

2. Sadness in the soul

This about the courages people making it through life with no disasters occurring. Living in perhaps a tough neighbourhood or making it through life with to astonished hight without anyone helping them or wanting the commercial helpness/sadness of people.
An example of this is from the movie “Pursuit of Happyness”