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she still thinks of me..

February 11, 2014

she-still-thinks-of-me.. despite the years apart, because I was the pen to her paper not so long ago. The past can be said, the future can be felt but the longing can never fade away. What I hope is, that when the thinking of me comes around in their heads, they still remember my smile and laughter. My openness will always be the cure for some loneliness but will not cure all the empty space left , but I hope the little connection will help as much as possible despite the distance. I have far come in my travels and even have orchids at my window. Must be thrilled over this simple words and I hope that you will continue, it will make you grow as a person and eventually make you smile more often. Yes, I will write sooner than last time and more about recent events. But for now, lets breath the morning smell of our story of youth.