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the end of war..

May 8, 2012

.. is a fantastic book by one of the worlds greatest minds of all time. Now lets change the name of the book a little, “the end of poop”, makes the book even more interesting than before. The little changes make the difference altogether instead of the big differences. I have a list of things I want to change, not big things but small things that would make my life improved. Will be fun to watch how these small changes reflect on the people surrounding me, better or worse? I hope the first, the latter will just reveal something dark and nasty.



put yourself in someone..

June 24, 2010

..else’s shoes. I did that yesterday and it almost blackened out my heart. A sad story of fear and all the obligations the western universe put on the people for carrier up buildings and what not. I could see how my life could be in his place but as well as I saw that I saw how I transformed somewhere in my life history from the path he had taken into the one Im in right now and how that contribution changed the thinking of me just as a butterfly effect. I could have been broken, devastated and on the lowest point of a self-confidence just like my friend was yesterday but I wasent, I tried to explain all the different things I put my energy on so I dont become like him and he just couldnt agree more. One of the points I took up to change the swing of bad energy was the one that he got most amused over, the fact that I just read the headline of a bad news article, both in the papers and on the internet. I try to disembark the way of getting information and choose the information myself instead. The notice on his face got me thinking and from the start I didnt know if I should write about this but it really shook my world. Me Myself and then we have Them. Good luck them!


additional people..

March 9, 2010

.. brings a new view to life, something that you haven’t known before. Not the usual kind of life that goes from A->B, B->A or A->Z but a new kind of life like F->Q. Enjoyment that feels when you met someone like that is huge and brings new perspective that I thought, with the years of tellus, already have met.

The world brings us further when we think the picture is already drawn, Im thinking forward now with hundred of new things to discover with the human personality that I thought I had already figured out.. today I became my own darwin.

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I can sense their thoughts

March 8, 2010

….. its like a wolf, smelling the fear from the environment. I can in that retroperspective sense peoples thoughts, what they think and how they do judge.

What my question is; how can you be judging other people? Can I just go to the city major and ask to become one of those judges that can judge people???

Im sick and tired of always performing my best because of people judging me. Kind of sickens me to my stomach!

I can be a fucking retarded bastard and shit on their faces with my words, and oh god, dont in one second believe that Im not doing it because I dont have the balls for it. Its just so damn waste of energy, the importance from my point of view is that I understand the situation and that I understand it is the most important in this sequence.

Head high and laugh at this nonsense, how can they judge when its not justified?

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Becoming dependent on people..

March 5, 2010

…its something of being dependent on the weather, its not something you can change or have a conversation with, but with people its another story.

Why is it so tough in keeping promises? Why then take the promise in the first run? When the promise fails I hope more promise will fail just to get myself free from my friday schedule.

It sux to get all locked up on a friday and then get burned right down the road.

Fuck this shit, lets just get it together and make the best out of it?

Tomorrow will answer this question.

zoom zoom zoom vs ZiGG ZaGG


March 3, 2010

This is the story of me, the young, old, man, guy, buddy, friend, companion or whatever people call me.

The idea with this blog came around when I just got enough with people, since I see myself as the perfect human, and wanted to be able to perhaps set the record straight with idiots around.

I’m the amnesty of the human-nature, haha… and I thought I was funny 🙂