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a life is like a song..

May 14, 2013

a life is like a song.. it grows from a couple of words to a sentence, to form a meaning and make history. The demons of people tend to have a big impact in their way of life and they aim to release their problems with telling about their demons. I am not the person who has the patience to listen to the worries and problems of the regular person anymore. I have my own ideas to listen to and to solve, its enough with my sudoku. Go and sing you song in front of a mirror and listen to what you hear, you like it? That’s what I thought, now I go on with my life and leave you with your demons behind me.



coming in touch with the past..

February 16, 2012

.. with friends from before. Feelings of the next year that is here, has come. I feel comfortable with the success of my life in the past months. I can listen to the songs and look forward to what shall come but still I have a discomfort of releasing the old. I should observe the waves of life of how it goes up and down and gets bigger and bigger the more it approaches the shore. But I might not be in an ocean but in a lake. Who knows, just I do and this will be a tour for what lays ahead for the future me. Another ending will take place in a couple of days, I will be apart from a good friend of mine after intensive months splurge. Eras come and end, but with each ending a new one starts.


8 months ago..

August 2, 2011

… and life was so perfect, the air filled my lungs with the beauty of the forthcoming. The perfectness of yesterday is the idea of now and the idea of now is the wanting of tomorrow. For how long will I believe the cup is half full rather than half empty? Does the joys of life have an expiration day or is it only the milk in my fridge? I want to find the song with the perfect words but not even my prowess will give me a hand. Should this be the end of the chapter or the end of the book? Just find me John Denver with the song that I heard so long time ago…