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eyes of the fellow..

May 15, 2012

.. beside you, that will go deep in their souls to help you in the darkest hours will be the ones that will have my blessings when Im on top of the world. The soulless evils around will never even be able to touch a grass on my land when everything is set and going for me. I have learned to tough way but with love in my smile, never with preconceptions, just with the way I have always been. When I look right or left, I just see those who I want around me, not those who shouldnt be there.. look around yourself and try to observe your own ideals with the current ideals of your surrounding.



pleasure someone with..

December 18, 2011

.. todays words of kindness. Fight of the horrors of the persons path and swap the  road ahead of them so they can tremble in the light, where they should be. I look in the persons eye and I saw fear of the modern day, the combustion of its heart. It didnt look healthy nor manageable, I opened my heart and took my wisdom and soul and showed the person how it could be and changed a soul for a better tomorrow. Open up your soul and be a brave one for the community and the community with help your soul aswell.




a movie from life..

May 30, 2010

..entering the soul of the heart of mine. I met a fabulous couple a few days ago and it touched me with their joy of life and love. In some moments you can see a persons joy with the laughter they bring or their guilt with their radnor, I saw their love in their hearts. Let there be more of this in my life because, oh god, I want to see this every morning I wake up, love and laughter around the corner.




music is..

April 21, 2010

.. medicine for the soul. The wave of the music strolling around you and finding your weakest spot and can even get an anabolic man to start crying just because of the smooth sound of music. I have found my music that touches me in the right way and its Yanni. What a fantastic way of showing us music. Today I love you Yanni, you have made my day.


reading learning understanding

March 4, 2010

Am I the only one hating reading sad news?
(when I read that sentence I get scared of myself abit so lets cut sad in two directions)

1. Sadness in the heart

I hate reading news that gives me sadness in my heart, that I can somehow imagine without reading the whole context of an article, this is sadness!
Lets talk about the Chile disaster. I can imagine all the disaster it has created and all the sadness it has brought to the people living over there, I dont want to read about it daily, will just make me sad in my pants and not be positive in any sort of way. I just hate articles that are written to make your heart feel bad and sad!

2. Sadness in the soul

This about the courages people making it through life with no disasters occurring. Living in perhaps a tough neighbourhood or making it through life with to astonished hight without anyone helping them or wanting the commercial helpness/sadness of people.
An example of this is from the movie “Pursuit of Happyness”