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morning havens..

April 19, 2012

.. always love me. From the end to the top of my bed I can feel the sun laying its fingers on me and I ambit it to its last drop. Does the sun love me as much as I love the sun? What kind of relationship do I have with the sun? I know that I dont give everything I have always but most of the days when I wake up I try to commit to us and eat my breakfast with it. Sometimes when I have been driving for several hours I feel a kind of jealousness from the sun, it hates my car.



the darkness is just a phase..

August 24, 2011

.. until the sun breaks through the hills at east. I dont understand the self-absorbed people walking around on Tellus with the same flesh and blood as myself. The idea that life is not good to them or their self-pitiness makes me want to change planet. Its not the matter of how you are right now but how you can change your position in life. Life is equal to us all with the same flesh and blood in all of Tellus inhabitants. In order of making progress and giving life a chance you need to stop acting like a fool and start making effort of solving the problem. There is a key for every problem, sometimes there are several keys. The finding of the key is not hard but using it is. Show me some spirit!


Zun oh the Zun