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Im taking the next exit..

June 18, 2013

the-future.. that’s taking me into the future. Driving through no-man’s land, waiting for the perfect exit to a place that I can stop driving. Finally, in the moment where I had stopped thinking about finding the exit a sign came up and it spelled that my future is on the next exit. A stretch wouldn’t be bad was my first thought but when I got there I just knew that this is it. The next exit is my future, regardless what. I hope you’ll find your exit aswell, life should be spent daily so that life itself flourish. Until next time, take care



two years and a far way..

February 24, 2012

.. into life. Sometimes its good to talk about the past and sometimes its just good to focus on the days ahead. Since the very first day of this internet notebook, I have been very clear of the purpose of it, to find new chapters about the human behavior. First off, my own discoveries about how the inhabitants of this little place we call earth should behave to make it a better place and secondly how I reverberate my own actions as a goodwill for the people surrounding me. I hope that the battle between my goodwill and the strong forces of the opposite, is described and how we as humans should deal with. As one, united, force we would all be in a great state of mind and the future could be better than I could put it into words. Today I will go through my letters in this notebook and see how I can express myself better for our time ahead in life.