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Im not a turtle..

April 27, 2012

.. nor a rabbit, but yet I dont walk as fast as the rabbit nor as slow as the turtle but yet I always come late or to fast to a meeting. Is the time running out on me or am I running out of time? To be running or walking to a spot has never been the case for me, to get from spot A to B is my philosophy. How should I get the turtle and rabbit out of me then? Why should I get them both out when I dont have them at all?! Im now in the mildest shower of rain, I will take my time and consume the way of commute in my own way.



jumping in the air..

June 17, 2010

..and never landing. The steps forward can be steep but when will I land? The unmarked notes of a line can be put outside the line that will make the line curve into a new path of your life. Sometimes you cant just walk, jog or run, you need to just jump and jump the heck out of the straight line you have created and make it a curve, a curve into something else that you hadn’t thought and didn’t want but you will need it eventually. I have long sentences but they are needed sometimes and today might be that day? That can be my jump for today and Ill make another jump when it comes to me but I wont force it, Ill let it come naturally.

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